Vail Daily letter: Mob rule prevails today |

Vail Daily letter: Mob rule prevails today


George Zimmerman is a poster boy for the rule of law and defines what a republic should be. But unfortunately, in the aftermath of his acquittal of all charges against him in the Trayvon Martin case, the aforesaid rule seems to be ignored or purposely condemned by the protestations that are now taking place across this land we call America, land of the free.

Rather than accept the verdict as a product of the rule of law, that verdict is now being condemned as a miscarriage of justice, as evidence of racial discrimination, and as simply unfair to those minorities who choose to remain minorities in mind only.

Six fair and unbiased women composed the jury panel. They heard the evidence. They followed the law as they were so instructed by the court. They deliberated, they found doubt, which was reasonable, and then they acquitted the defendant as justice demanded. Who can find fault in that in a civilized society that endeavors to adhere to the legal rules and statutes in place?

What other rules would supplant the rule of law? How would you have it? Do you want mob rule? Do you want an unfettered and democratic resolution for tragic events?

Rather than accepting the fact that Mr. Zimmerman is now a free man, exonerated of all charges under the rule of law, the enraged mobs who heard no evidence and who were not instructed as to the legal parameters of the case, have reached another verdict based upon ignorance, illiteracy and racial prejudice.

Is this mindset characteristic of what once was our republic? Or is it the decision-making process of the unruly mobs who insist on their selfish agenda? Is it also characteristic of our federal administration with its own disregard of the constitutional mandates that are in place?

The legislative branch of our government abrogated much of its function of enacting laws, and relegated that eonstitutional responsibility to the executive branch, and hence was spawned a vast bureaucracy of administrative agencies and fiefdoms of unvetted czars who were politically appointed by Mr. Obama.

These agencies “legislate” rules and regulations that have the import of laws that affect us all. These laws are enacted by politically connected underlings of whatever administration that occupies the White House at any moment in time. Mr. Obama’s regime has alone churned out over 11,300 new regulations since he took office in 2009.

If the current administration were really supportive of the rule of law, one would expect an admonition to the mob amongst us to the effect that the law did work, that justice, no matter how fallible, did prevail, and that the burning, pillaging, looting and rioting in the streets is the unlawful conduct that is to be condemned.

Did we hear that from this administration? No. Rather, we have the Department of Justic now looking into taking another whack at Mr. Zimmerman under the Civil Rights Act in order to placate the madding crowd, and to gain further political traction.

It is always fashionable to follow the mob, for there is no condemnation involved. What is really poignant and telling is the courageous path taken by six women who rendered a just and legal verdict, albeit, one that was not politically correct.

Fredric Butler


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