Vail Daily letter: Monumental overgeneralization |

Vail Daily letter: Monumental overgeneralization

What remarkable powers of observation that Mr. Castellino might discern the political leanings of a person standing in awe of our wonderful surroundings.

Though I tried, I was unable to see my reflection in Mr. Castellino’s letter titled “Heavy footsteps” in Thursday’s Vail Daily.

In the self-examination that followed, what I did see is a political conservative who, among other things:

1. Recycles through both Vail Honeywagon and Eagle County facilities.

2. Spends much of both summer and winter immersed in outdoor activities.

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3. Supports both the Eagle Valley Land Trust and the Crested Butte Land Trust.

4. Has built with Habitat for Humanity.

5. Adheres to pack in/pack out and picks up the trail litter of others.

6. Has been a finalist in the outdoor photography event First Frost at the Denver Press Club.

7. Most important, has mentored his children and grandchildren in a deep appreciation of the outdoors.

The conservative friends I ski and hike with here reflect similar characteristics as well as being very generous to the numerous charitable events in the valley.

In such light, Mr. Castellino’s letter exhibits a monumental overgeneralization suggesting critical myopia supported by nothing but egocentrism. Should he wish to address this considerable intellectual underdevelopment, he would find wise guidance in Jack Van Ens, with whose arguments I usually disagree but always find challenging and generally informed, though occasionally suffering from some generalization.

Thomas Woodell

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