Vail Daily letter: More concerns in Eagle |

Vail Daily letter: More concerns in Eagle

I was not surprised to see the article in the Vail Daily about the rush to find a new town manager. This raises fresh concerns about the judgment and ethics of some on the current Board of Trustees. I hate to say it, but it seems a bit sleazy. Although it is appropriate for the board to initiate a search for a town manager, it is not appropriate to make a final selection until after a new board is seated on April 6. Eagle residents will be voting for five of the seven board seats. It is possible that each of the five incumbent members will have opposition in this election.

Any candidate for town manager would be wise to be wary about accepting the position if offered by the current board when we are so close to an election. Many Eagle voters have justifiable concerns about a candidate selected by the sitting board, which was treated to a barrage of comments by residents upset by their questionable decision to suspend/fire the former town manager. Trustees elected in just over three months may have a far different standard for evaluating candidates for town manager and must be given that opportunity.

Carole Onderdonk

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