Vail Daily letter: More info needed |

Vail Daily letter: More info needed

Vail Resorts and many ski industry leaders must be lauded for their “anti-climate change” initiatives but as CEO Rob Katz reasserts, the ski industry can only do so much about what is likely a global issue.

Unfortunately, the closing section on page A10 of Vail Daily’s Dec. 28 article on climate change is blurred out — how essential to the subject is this information? Also, we have the opportunity to dig deeper, locally, into the issue — what do the longest-term local snow records tell us? What does it mean that many of the permanently shuttered ski areas in Colorado have been at the lowest elevations?

Is that rising snowline eventually going to hurt the viability of Colorado’s major resorts? Could Vail Mountain ever miss out on Christmas week because of high temperatures? This is obviously an issue of major import to our valley and to the U.S. ski industry. Tell us more.

Sol Boutet

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