Vail Daily letter: More information needed |

Vail Daily letter: More information needed

As a taxpaying citizen of the town of Eagle, I have concerns about Tuesday’s Vail Daily article about our town manager. It reads that he is suspended and the process has been launched to terminate him due to conflict between him and the town trustees. I believe that the citizens of the town need to be part of this discussion as to why they are trying to fire him. Per the details in the Vail Daily, Mr. Stavney will receive six months of compensation if he gets released without cause. I would also believe that the citizens of the town of Eagle would foot that bill and it would be in over $60,000 in wages, plus benefits.

This actually seems like a disagreement problem and should be able to be resolved in a more “grown-up fashion.” If the town manager, Mr. Stavney, disagrees with the board then I would think that there is a solid reason for that. Mr. Stavney is very well educated about the town of Eagle. He has represented the town in many ways and has more history and knowledge of the town than many of the current board members. Yes, there are board members that have been in the town for many years, but I have to say that only three of those town trustee members have truly been elected by the people of Eagle. All of the others have been appointed; appointed by whom, would that be the mayor of our town? Do we wonder why there is conflict between the town manager and the town trustees?

Are we all sure that the mayor and some of the town trustees are truly voting on the good of the town or the good of themselves? I believe that this is a question that needs to be put out there and thought about very carefully prior to a decision being made on this situation. Have we not seen our mayor and a town trustee make bad decisions, decisions that have led to state investigations? Did we, the citizens of Eagle, spend more money in legal fees due to bad judgments made within our town and community due to the members of Town Board? Didn’t that state investigation find our mayor and a town trustee guilty of breaking several laws? And really, those two members are still part of the Town Board and having disagreements with the town manager? Could the town manager be saving the town of Eagle more embarrassment and investigations? I have been in the valley for a long time and have not seen any state investigations against Mr. Stavney. I think that there needs to be more investigation to this matter and, yes, I understand that it is a “personnel issue” that should remain private but the town, the mayor and the trustee members need to be more transparent before the citizens have to pay well over $60,000 to remove Mr. Stavney. I am asking all the citizens of Eagle to ask for more information about this case before we move forward. I know I don’t feel like I know why we would spend this much money without more explanation.

Kathy Calton


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