Vail Daily letter: More of the same |

Vail Daily letter: More of the same

Fifty million-plus to train five unvetted Muslim soldiers to join the fight in Syria. Fifty million plus to construct a gas station in the Middle East that ordinarily would cost no more than 500 thousand. “No boots on the ground” in the Levant to fight thousands of ISIL terrorists who have crossed the Obama “red line,” but now we send 5,000 GIs into the conflagration to “show we mean business.” And we now send 150 billion plus to Iran pursuant to a meaningless “nuke agreement,” all the while the beneficiaries thereof chant “death to America” and systematically liquidate all Jews, Christians and other infidels who come their way or who have the audacity to build (not destroy) a better world for all. But there are many more inane policies that characterize and profile the progressives (socialists) among us when it comes to foreign policy, which I will refrain to mention owing to the mental trauma I would further suffer.

Turning to the domestic front and the stagnant, regressive and insolvent economy (19 trillion and counting) that the productive private sector (what remains of it) must endure and carry, we find the “overhead” busily spawning out more regulations, more bailouts for inefficient, non-competitive and crony-corporations, more executive orders for entitlements to prospective DNC voters (“undocumented workers,” a la “illegals”), and at last, a job-killing pronouncement by Mr. Obama that creates more American dependency on Middle East and Muslim oil cartels. Ergo, he unilaterally, and without any empirical or substantive rationale, liquidates the Keystone Pipeline project after seven years of favorable and supportive studies. But now to the future!

Lee Christian’s admonishments in his article of Nov. 4 in this paper portends more of the same liberalism and socialism were the majority of us to elect those of the Alinsky/Marx persuasion come November of 2016. For those of us not in the know and with an entitlement bent, Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx were “community organizers” for the socialist/communist front in the 19th and 20th centuries of our common era. As I vaguely remember, Mr. Obama too was a “community organizer” and an Alinsky adherent, which qualified him for the Democratic ticket in the last two elections. The Democratic ticket today offers the same liberal ilk for the next time around, to wit: A pathological liar (Clinton) and a sociopath (Sanders) without a clue about the economy, or how to fix it. Both of these candidates fit the Alinsky/Marx profile as manifested in Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” or Obama’s “Promised Change for America.” The Republican slate of candidates, in the alternative, offers a return to the free market and capitalism a la Adam Smith/Friedrich Hayek/Milton Friedman, a return to the rule of law in a Republic as envisioned and manifested in the Constitution a la John Locke/Thomas Jefferson/James Madison, and a return to that “Shining City upon a Hill” a la Ronald Reagan — the Republican ticket, to a man and one woman, offers it all!

Fredric Butler

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