Vail Daily letter: More skepticism needed |

Vail Daily letter: More skepticism needed

A few weeks ago one of our learned — he self-identified as an attorney — neighbors shared his understanding of the US Constitution; that it directs our laws to a separation of church and state. I would hope all of us would agree that that’s a good thing — regardless of one’s religious persuasion (Catholic, Jewish, Islamist, Buddhist, Hindu, etc.). We’re all free to and free from.

My question is this, “Is environmentalism a religion?” If it is, and I believe it is, a religion (not quite as organized as the above, yet), then isn’t the EPA an institutionalization of a religion?

For example, our EPA/ESA is taking 165-plus million acres out of production (no more fuel, no more food, no transportation systems allowed and eventually no people) based on a “best available science” argument. For me, it’s like listening to Dark Age monks — learned for their time — arguing about how many angels could dance on the head of a pin.

Voltaire asked us to not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Maybe we all could be a little more skeptical the next time the environmentalist asks us to surrender land, labor or capital.

Kenton Krohlow


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