Vail Daily letter: More taxes hurt families |

Vail Daily letter: More taxes hurt families

Regarding the need for more workforce housing and childcare, and how each is becoming beyond the means of most families, each time a taxing authority considers another tax increase, it makes living in Eagle County even more difficult for those families trying to make ends meet.

Apparently $75,500 was spent on surveys to confirm what we already knew, in fact what we had already surveyed multiple times before. Increasing sales tax hurts in more ways than one — it hurts the consumer and also local businesses when the consumer buys more and more online as a way to avoid taxes.

Perhaps one exception to this is the suggestion this week that ski lift ticket tax be increased to help the town of Vail encourage Vail Resorts to become more involved in meeting a parking shortage problem to which they are the major contributor. Presumably this particular tax would be passed onto the guest skier, not the local seeking affordable housing or childcare. If sales tax is to be increased, let it be on purchases that affect the local workforce as little as possible. And let’s be careful how the money is spent when it’s been collected.

Charlie Penwill

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