Vail Daily letter: More to the plan |

Vail Daily letter: More to the plan

I would like to clarify some things about the Eagle River Corridor Plan that were not included in the article by Pam Boyd in the Vail Daily. I too think that turning the truck parking lot at the fairgrounds into a river park is a very good idea, but it is a very small part of the entire plan proposed by our town of Eagle. I understand the article was about the county’s parcel, but I feel the Vail Daily article was remiss in not giving facts about the entire plan, while giving the impression of total acceptance by virtually everyone.

This plan encompasses 3.4 miles and over 300 acres, reaching from the approved Eagle River Station, through mid-Eagle and ending at the wst end near the new sewer treatment plant below the fairgrounds.

What was notably not mentioned were both cluster housing and mixed use development, which is important throughout the plan. Commercial and mixed use residential development are a significant component of this plan. The plan’s definition of medium density is 10 to 12 units per acres, along Highway 6 immediately visible to that highway through town.

While I applaud the county for wanting to convert their fairground property into a park, I want citizens to know this is a very small portion of the entire plan, which is wide-sweeping in my opinion, and proposes major residential/commercial development not addressed in the Vail Daily report. Yes, the county likes the idea of a water park on their fraction of this plan; so do I, and the town is already requesting bids for its construction.

But residential and commercial components need to be presented to the public for what they are — major additional development with all of the community impacts that would represent. Traffic in particular.

Sadly, having attended a recent Planning and Zoning meeting, I realize this plan is firmly in place. May the winds of economics and the reality of planning over private property help slow our town’s rush to seal their deal for more development on our most precious commodity, the Eagle River. And how can we ignore over 1,300 approved yet-to-be-built residences between Haymeadow and Eagle River Station?

This will be brought to a vote in the town of Eagle and I hope everyone will educate themselves on the entire plan before they approve what was presented as just a nice local place to play in the river.

Rosie Shearwood


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