Vail Daily letter: Much-needed facility |

Vail Daily letter: Much-needed facility

You’ve probably already been there. If not, undoubtedly, you will. Because it’s just a matter of time until someone you know, someone you care about, or God forbid you, yourself may be in need of the type of care that does not currently exist in our county. And it’s time to change all of that.

Perhaps you’ve heard the buzz. But maybe you haven’t. So I’m here to fill you in on the extraordinary change about to hit the valley — Castle Peak. And it’s coming to Eagle.

Through a joint partnership, Augustana Care, the county and all of the towns in Eagle County have been working together to help fill a serious void — a senior assisted living facility that also incorporates a memory care unit as well as short-term rehabilitation services.

This exciting new facility is expected to break ground this fall in Eagle Ranch just in front of the school and directly across from the Eagle Ranch town center.

Here’s how the project has come together. Land was donated by the county. Loans have been secured. Augustana’s in for $1 million. All the towns have made financial contributions. Permits are in the process. Design work has started. And the majority of the fundraising has been secured, mostly behind the scenes until now — in fact 84 percent has been either pledged or collected.

So where do you fit in? Well it’s simple. We still need $725,000 to complete the fundraising part of this very important addition to the services offered in the valley. And any contribution will be gratefully accepted. Naming opportunities are available at all levels. But the most important thing is that you participate.

How many of you know families who have been torn apart when a member had to be moved away from his or her home due to assisted or long term care needs? How horrible is it when something as seemingly simple as a monthlong rehab has to take place in Denver because no facilities are available here? Or how about our friends and neighbors who have been afflicted with memory issues. Isn’t it heartbreaking to watch their families make the torturous decision to move their loved one out of Eagle County simply because we don’t have the necessary help?

The lack of those very basic services has been a glaring deficiency in Eagle County for a long time and it’s what motivated this campaign. It’s also what caused the tag line of “making our community whole” to be the driving force behind the dedication of the Campaign Committee to get us this far.

And the good news is, we’re almost there. We’re this close to making it happen. The hard work and long hours have paid off and we can see the finish line. Can you help? Wouldn’t you like to be a part of creating this much needed facility?

For more information, visit our web site at, call me at 970-376-5100 or the Campaign Coordinator at 970-445-8990.

Kaye Ferry

Capital Campaign Committee

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