Vail Daily letter: My choices for Eagle-Vail |

Vail Daily letter: My choices for Eagle-Vail

As Eagle-Vail Property Owners cast their ballots for Property Owners’ Association Board, it is important to consider three candidates who will collectively strive to uphold and protect property values while considering all important fiscal efficiencies.

John “Jake” Jacobson, my longtime neighbor, is retired from a well known local company. Jake knows the issues, can get to the bottom of them, and has the very best interests of the Eagle-Vail owner at heart. He is also concerned with controlling costs while maintaining the value and integrity of our community. Jake can work well on a team and respects all points of view and differing opinions.

Stephen Daniels, whom I have heard speak several times, is impressive as well and deserves your vote. He instantly gets to the heart of matters and can cut through a financial report in record time, stripping off the fluff and focusing on the key issues. I heard him at the candidate’s forum and was completely convinced that he too has the best interests of Eagle-Vail in his cross hairs and can do it while keeping costs under control.

Judd Watts was equally impressive at the candidate’s forum. He served on the POA board in recent years so he brings that experience along with his extensive business and professional resume to the table.

We property owners all have the same goals as they relate to our Eagle-Vail Community: We want to preserve our wonderful neighborhood, maintain and improve amenities, and live and raise our children in one of the best areas in the Vail Valley.

These three candidates can do it. These three will do it and demonstrate it can be accomplished keeping fiscal responsibility in mind in the process. These three can and will do it with intellect, experience and respect.

Please vote for Jake Jacobson, Stephen Daniels and Judd Watts.

Celeste “Sam” Bradway


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