Vail Daily letter: My choices for Eagle-Vail |

Vail Daily letter: My choices for Eagle-Vail

The Eagle-Vail Metro Board election cannot get here soon enough. The present Metro Board has acted recklessly and irresponsibly with one of their only responsibilities, which is to manage and protect our recreational assets and our open space. Under their watch, we have paid over $160,000 per year on a community manager and code enforcement officer (both remain unlicensed), we have incurred wasteful expenses on a failed 5A election where this board authorized expenses of over $182,000 on architectural renderings for an ill-advised community center, and we have watched and listened as this board acknowledged and did very little to protect and fix our aging (but very valuable and desirable) recreational assets, which include our golf clubhouse, tennis courts and maintenance facility.

Rather than demonstrating any sound financial judgment in the past, and reducing or eliminating unnecessary expenses, which might have prevented our shaky financial future, this board has continued to neglect their fiduciary responsibilities. No reserve study since 2013 — until right now, just before the election — which projects a need for $22 million for the next 20 years. Curiously, and reflecting gross negligence, during the last 10 years, the total capital expenditures were $3,560,000 (this does not include the $7 million bond for our new pool that we are still paying for) which is only about $356,604 per year. But, as of this writing, the present board is proposing about $1,100,000 per year, for the next 20 years. They appear to be trying get this passed before the election, and then leave the new board to figure out how to pay for it. And what’s even more disturbing is that every effort being made to change the zoning of our parks and play fields, in order to protect it from development, is being met with resistance. In 1989, the Eagle-Vail Property Owners’ Association purchased — for over $2 million ‚ the play fields, Pavilion Park and a portion of the Par 3 from the original developers, to protect it from future development. Even then, the Property Owners’ Association recognized the value of our parks and open space. This board could demonstrate their commitment to protecting our most valuable and irreplaceable asset — these parks and our open space — but they refuse to. They have the opportunity to protect these cherished assets for future generations in Eagle-Vail. However, what is clear, by their refusal, is their duplicitous plan to sell it off and develop it.

This is why the Eagle-Vail Metro Board election can’t get here soon enough. We need smart, savvy and dedicated people to replace the present mindset of some members on this board, who appear to neglect their due diligence, squander money on wasteful things, and then when the money gets tight, they want to raise taxes, float a general obligation bond or, even more outrageous, sell off our parks, and play fields.

Help protect the beauty of Eagle-Vail. Please vote for Dave Warner, Patti Sills and Carl Luppens. They will never take their commitment to protect what’s best about Eagle-Vail for granted.

Sara Davis

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