Vail Daily letter: My choices for Eagle-Vail |

Vail Daily letter: My choices for Eagle-Vail

If you are a property owner in Eagle-Vail you are paying an average of $1,000 per year to the Eagle-Vail Metro District (through your property taxes) plus $335 per year in Property Owners’ Association dues before you play a single round of golf or dive into the pool with your kids. If you add in a family golf pass ($2,799) and family pool membership ($395) it adds up to $ 4,529, which is $ 1,231 more than a non-resident family of four would pay to golf and swim in our community.

Enough already. This is just not fair. We must reduce wasteful spending which has run rampant lately. New revenue for shortfalls and improvements to our recreational facilities should come from non-residents, not increased taxes and fees that will further burden Eagle-Vail residents. We already spend too much of our hard-earned money for community services. That message was made loud and clear to the current board with the resounding defeat of their 5A ballot issue last fall.

In the past decade our representatives on the Eagle-Vail Joint Board of Governors have wasted almost $1 million on frivolous plans, overpriced contracts and out-of-control overhead. At the same time we have just learned that the Eagle-Vail Metro District is facing $20 million in critical repairs and maintenance over the next 20 years. Where will an additional $1 million come from every year for 20 years?

We need new Eagle-Vail Metro District board members who will treat Eagle-Vail as a competitive business by lowering costs and increasing quality. We need new board members whose mission is to protect and manage our assets prudently and responsibly. We need new board members who want to preserve Eagle-Vail’s open spaces instead of the 500-plus units of high-density housing favored by the current board.

Vote for accountability, integrity and transparency. Elect David Warner, Patti Sills and Carl Luppens

Diane Luppens

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