Vail Daily letter: My choices for Eagle-Vail

Do you love Eagle-Vail like I do? If you live in Eagle-Vail, I hope you will cast your ballot for new board members in the Eagle-Vail Metropolitan District election. There are eight people who volunteered for three open board seats. All would make good board members. The primary role of the Eagle-Vail Metro District Board is to care for the recreation and park amenities in Eagle-Vail. Board members have a significant role in decisions affecting these amenities, our home values and community financial burdens. Ballots must be returned via mail or personal delivery to the Eagle-Vail office by Tuesday.

Over the last year, I have heard from a number of residents who are concerned with decision-making by the two governing boards in Eagle-Vail. Concerns include wasteful spending, the ill-fated 5A referendum and the lack of following the wishes and interests of all property owners.

This is an opportunity for residents to choose new leadership and a new direction. Any registered voter living in Eagle-Vail, and, property owners that are registered to vote elsewhere in Colorado, are eligible to vote in the Metro District election. Renters are also eligible to vote as long as they are registered.

Two candidates stand out in my mind in the election for four-year terms. David Warner and Patti Sills are both hard-working, independent minded, long-term residents, with a passion for making Eagle Valley even better. They are not part of the old guard. Dave has advocated for taking a fresh look at existing and new amenities. He also will seek to maximize the value of our homes. Patti is determined to be objective and represent the interests of all property owners in the community. She wants owners’ voices to have greater influence on major decisions. Both have been active in community.

In the election for the two-year seat, Carl Luppens is an independent voice. His whole life is marked by advocating for the community against the impulses of the few in power. This is true, not just in Eagle-Vail, but in many aspects of his life. This willingness to confront those in power does create enemies and alienates some. If you want someone who is not part of the old guard, Carl may be someone to consider. Carl is intelligent, experienced, hard-working and a long-term resident.

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I hope voters will take time to inform themselves about the candidates and not rely on spurious criticisms passed around through emails and conversations. Voters may independently learn about candidates by going to the website, which is the official community information source. There you can find bios on each candidate and a video of the recent candidates’ forum where key questions were answered about the community.

Consider the values you have for Eagle-Vail. Mine include a focus on increasing the prestige and value of our homes, transparent and accountable government, and, preservation of cherished amenities in our community. These candidates share these values and deserve your consideration.

Steve Daniels

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