Vail Daily letter: My choices for Eagle-Vail |

Vail Daily letter: My choices for Eagle-Vail

I am baffled by the political turmoil happening in Eagle-Vail right now. I have lived here with my family since 1998, and have served on the Design Review Board since 2010. I am currently chairman of the board. While I have been very involved with design review, I have not been involved with the joint boards. I have however observed that any changes I’ve seen have been very positive. The improvements to the Pavilion, the new pool, the community garden, the new signage, improvements to parks, the Eagle-Vail Trail, the beautiful golf course, and all the other small changes have been great for our community.

It seems that the failure to pass 5A started a firestorm that has built steadily since. While I am in agreement that the ballot issue could have been better communicated, and it’s possible that the golf course clubhouse could have been built more economically, the work done by the committees does not constitute fraud, treachery or lies. It seems the candidates who would like to oust the old regime are fear mongering and inflating the issues, while not offering any solid better solutions. I understand there may be a contingent of homeowners, and especially second-home owners who do not want to pay for amenities because they don’t use them. But I hope all will consider that having great amenities increases property values — something that I think we all appreciate.

If you agree with me that Eagle-Vail is an amazing place to live, with well-run honest leadership, please consider my choices, Kim Bell-Williams and Chuck Toms. They are longtime residents who have been working for our community in many ways, be it through their work on the boards, volunteering as coaches, raising great families, etc. Their agenda is not to raise taxes, but rather to work as a cohesive governance to continue to make Eagle-Vail great.

Pavan Krueger


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