Vail Daily letter: My choices for Eagle-Vail |

Vail Daily letter: My choices for Eagle-Vail

Do we really want Eagle-Vail looking like every crowded mountain town in Colorado or are we going to protect our invaluable assets and say “no” to the planned destruction of our parks, play fields and Par 3, advanced by the current board members? As you cast your vote for three Eagle-Vail Property Owners’ Association board members, remember why you live in Eagle-Vail. If you wanted Zumba, yoga, coffee shops and retail stores, instead of parks and open space, you would have chosen somewhere else to live. Open space in Colorado, situated where we are, is priceless. Don’t let the empty promises of 5A, and the present board members who supported it, cloud your vision of what really is important to the quality of life in Eagle-Vail.

It is of paramount importance that we elect to the Eagle-Vail Property Owners’ Association only those individuals who have sound business judgment, good common sense and are attentive and respectful to all property owners and residents in Eagle-Vail. In addition, we must have confidence that these board members will take very seriously their fiduciary responsibility to the property owners, and we must trust that they will make decisions that are good for the community as a whole, and not for just a few.

After attending the candidate forum on Jan. 21, and listening to the five candidates answer questions submitted by Eagle-Vail residents, it became very clear that Steve Daniels, Jake Jacobson and Judd Watts demonstrated that they are qualified to be elected to represent the property owners in Eagle-Vail, and to sit on the board. You only have to review the candidate information mailed with the ballots to understand who is actually qualified, and who will make an effort. I have confidence that they will protect and preserve Eagle-Vail’s recreational assets and protect our Pavilion Park and our play fields that the property owners purchased, for over $2 million from the original developers in 1989, for open space, and to protect it from development. I have confidence that these candidates will demonstrate far better financial discipline to protect these assets. The current board has not updated the “reserve study,” which is an analysis of expected costs to be incurred for maintenance, since 2013 and, yet, they were ready to encumber Eagle-Vail residents with a $23 million bond obligation by promoting 5A. Additionally, Eagle-Vail property owners have had their dues increased from $100 to $335 over the last few years. The Property Owners’ Association owns no property and has limited functions. The collected dues are far more than what is needed to fund the Property Owners’ Association, and, instead, our dues have regularly been diverted to non-Property Owners’ Association uses without the approval of the homeowners paying the dues. These present practices put into question the financial judgment and common sense of the present board.

Please join with me, and many other concerned residents of Eagle-Vail, by voting for Steve Daniels, Jake Jacobson, and Judd Watts.

Sara Davis

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