Vail Daily letter: My choices for school board |

Vail Daily letter: My choices for school board

As we approach the 2015 election in a very “off” election year, it is exciting to have nine people who have chosen to run for the four Eagle County School Board vacant seats. This is a huge job with no pay and God knows, it’s not for the faint of heart!

To me, a parent with three children in public schools, this is an incredibly important race. In deciding who to vote for, I feel that we must look toward the recent track record of Eagle County Schools. In his first two years as superintendent, Dr. Jason Glass has set the bar high for academic excellence. One way he has done this is through a thorough examination and rethinking of the goals of ECS with tactics and action steps to create 21st century learners out of every student. He and his staff has set out to develop customized learning tracks for the multitude of learners. Dr. Glass has also increased the reach of ECS by forging strong ongoing relationships with community organizations and local businesses to help strengthen the ECS, to give students community opportunities and internships, to improve on important collaborations and so much more. Finally, Dr. Glass has taken the lead among his peers in Colorado to direct and work with superintendents statewide to lobby an increase in education funding from the state of Colorado for all students. This is a great direction for our school district.

If we want Eagle County Schools to continue on this path, I believe that Tessa Kirchner, Carolyn Knox Keep, Felicia Battle and Kevin Kottenstette should fill these vacant school board seats. Please join me in supporting these great candidates!

Dana Maurer


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