Vail Daily letter: My choices for school board |

Vail Daily letter: My choices for school board

My name is Margarita “Maggie” Chavez. My husband, Carlos, and I moved here 17 years ago from Chihuahua. We are active in our community and are proud Hispanic parents of two children who have attended Eagle County Charter Academy. I am writing this letter for two reasons: To endorse three Eagle County School Board candidates and to express support for ECCA.

I want to endorse three worthy candidates. Ryan Geller, District A, is a talented small-business owner with fresh ideas. Ryan is active in his community and wants to work with Dr. Glass and the school board to support all schools in our district. He is a caring, non-discriminatory person who has opened his home to my family. Bob Ticer, the Avon police chief, is an excellent choice for District D. He is a great man who has experience managing large budgets. More importantly, Mr. Ticer cares deeply about all kids in our county. He has initiated programs for kids to help keep them busy and involved in after-school programs. My son and many others in the Hispanic community have benefited from these programs. Mary Cotton, District C, is an intelligent, honest, open-minded person with years of experience. She would do a phenomenal job.

I am also writing this letter to support ECCA, the school that has supported my children. I believe that education is extremely important. It is because of this belief that my son’s preschool teacher encouraged me to apply to ECCA. I applied for the lottery every year for five years until my daughter, Alicia, made it in. My son, Carlos, followed and is now in fifth grade. My children have been embraced there and are thriving. When the first ECCA student council was created, my daughter was elected by her peers as the first-ever student council president. My children and I have been shown nothing but respect by an amazing group of teachers and administrators. In addition, the other families at ECCA have given me and my children support, respect and friendship both in and out of school.

I agree more diversity is needed there. However, I disagree that ECCA is discriminatory. How can ECCA be discriminatory when my family and I have been welcomed there with open arms? A community outreach committee has been established to increase diversity there. I am a member of this committee and work with terrific, dedicated people who are working hard to increase diversity. I want to provide a more complete picture of ECCA.

• ECCA is an Eagle County public school located in Edwards. Entrance is based on a lottery system.

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• Any Eagle County resident can apply!

• The Mission of ECCA: The Eagle County Charter Academy community creates lifelong learners and productive global citizens through a challenging college preparatory curriculum and character education. We accomplish this through an empowered staff, parental involvement and small class size.

• There is no school bus serving ECCA.

• There is a free and reduced lunch program.

• ECCA has a “requested pledge” of $1,500 per student per year. This is a voluntary payment and not all families contribute. This is not tuition.

• 40 volunteer hours per family per year is “requested.”

I hope this letter helps you understand ECCA better. I think it is a wonderful school that has supported and embraced me and my children. I think anyone interested in an excellent education should apply there, no matter where they are from. I’m glad I did.

Maggie Chavez

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