Vail Daily letter: My choices for school board |

Vail Daily letter: My choices for school board

If you are a registered voter and have not mailed your ballot back, then I would like to share my thoughts and who I am supporting for Eagle County school board. For those who don’t want to read any further, I am supporting four candidates who have received the endorsement of the Eagle County Education Association. Three K’s and a Battle: Tessa Kirchner, Carolyn Knox Keep, Kevin Kottenstette and Felicia Battle. Three K’s and a Battle.

I have been helping each of them personally. The reason I am helping each of these candidates is because I would like to best support Dr. Glass in continuing his vision for Eagle County Schools, and I would like to see a mill levy on the ballot in 2016. From my perspective, we continue to be at a huge disadvantage to recruit and retain the best quality teachers, especially compared to our neighboring counties. Each of these candidates are pro-Dr. Glass and pro-teachers. They support giving the community at large the opportunity to choose if a mill levy is right for Eagle County — they would support getting it on the ballot (intelligently based on what the polls say, etc.)

I am all for the Eagle County Charter Academy having a voice on the school board, but three out of seven is too many. As some of you know or you may not know, I was president of Stone Creek Charter School for two years. I absolutely take no issue with the charter school concept. My children do not go to the public schools now; they both attend Vail Mountain School. I am taking a position in this election because I feel deep down inside it is the right course for Eagle County as a whole. This election is hugely important to the future that will effect so many children and ultimately all of us and future generations.

I ask that you vote for three K’s and a Battle.

Russell Molina

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