Vail Daily letter: My main issue is residency of Avon council members |

Vail Daily letter: My main issue is residency of Avon council members

I have been following the Avon Town Council debacle involving Chris Evans and Todd Goulding. First off I want to say that I am not going to judge either one of the members. They know if they have a conflict and we may or may not find out the truth in the end.

But if these two members do not live in the town of Avon any more, why are they still members of our Town Council? Since these two members have purchased and live in homes with their families outside of the town of Avon it is obvious to most people that they do not plan to move back to Avon.

Therefore the Town Council should enforce the rules and remove them from the council. There are plenty of talented people who live in Avon that would be willing to be on Town Council.

As a homeowner and full-time resident of the town of Avon for the past 19 years, my confidence in not only these two council members is diminished, but my confidence in the entire council has diminished.

If it appears that there is a conflict, then the Town Council should make note of this and resolve the issue so that our confidence in the entire Town Council can be restored.

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Additionally, maybe the Town Council should look at the fact the Todd Goulding is an employee of Chris Evans and that there is potential for Todd to vote in a way that is acceptable to Chris. Maybe the council should create a rule that would not allow an employer and employee to be on the Town Council at the same time.

Now that the Town Council wants to let the voters decide on the recreation center expansion, my question is who is going to do the expansion? Perhaps Evans Chaffee? If the tax proposal was to pass and Evans Chaffee was to get the expansion project, then once again there would certainly be the appearance of a conflict, along with a corresponding reduction of confidence in our Town Council.

Angelo Loria

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