Vail Daily letter: My meaningless letter |

Vail Daily letter: My meaningless letter

Bobbi Bryson (Letters to the Editor, Sept. 4), you are exactly right, and I extend my apologies to Butch Mazzuca. I took a cheap shot (Letters to the Editor, Aug. 29) over a very nice story (Valley Voices, Aug. 25). I simply could not resist the temptation of the coincidental imagery in his tale. The next time my mind emerges from the opinion page dripping in sarcasm I promise to towel it off before it walks through the pages of the Daily.

The point, however should be obvious: The Vail Daily will print anything — my snarky, meaningless letter; unsubstantiated conspiracy theory rants that run well over the suggested 500 word minimum; “It moose be summer” on the front page; and on and on. Taking it with a grain of salt doesn’t do the salt justice.

Joe Kania

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