Vail Daily letter: My picks for Avon council |

Vail Daily letter: My picks for Avon council

Avon is heading in a superb direction with our new trails, swimming beach, pavilion, town hall and pedestrian mall. Having served the past eight years, I have found that the Avon Town Council works best with people who are thoughtful, respectful, prepared for meetings, and willing and able to engage in debate in a manner that values all opinions.

This election I will be voting for Sarah Smith Hymes, Megan Burch, Matt Gennett and Scott Prince. Their diverse backgrounds are important to serve Avon well. Sarah Smith Hymes’ small-business experience and previous board service to our community is invaluable. Megan Burch is involved with our community on a level few know; her quiet, patient, measured approach will benefit Avon.

Matt Gennett is impressive in his few months on council after filling a vacancy. His land planning background is crucial. When Matt has a different opinion it is listened to and valued as Matt has mastered the art of disagreeing while not being disagreeable. Scott Prince has an extensive business background in finance and relevant experience on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Sarah, Megan, Matt and Scott will each bring a unique perspective and fresh ideas to the Avon Town Council in a fiscally responsible manner. Each cares deeply for Avon and will conduct the town’s business by listening first, thinking deeply and collaborating with our broader community. Sarah, Megan, Matt and Scott will serve us humbly and well and I encourage Avon voters to cast their four votes for these four candidates.

Rich Carroll


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