Vail Daily letter: Neglected tennis courts |

Vail Daily letter: Neglected tennis courts

Want to see neglect first hand? Visit the Eagle-Vail tennis courts and ask, why?

Six-plus years of delayed, almost non-existent maintenance has taken its toll. Two of the courts are closed (cracks, safety issues, etc.) and the other two courts are almost unplayable. The tennis facility buildings leaked so badly that they were gutted out and a porta-potty now services the court users. This kind of neglect on the part of an Eagle-Vail homeowner would not be tolerated; a citation would be a certainty.

Thankfully, on June 2, the three attending (all newly elected) Metro Board members voted to resurface the courts this summer. Funding for the work was included both in cash reserves and the long-term capital reserve study plan. So, it was a go! The long-advertised amenity was finally going to be cared for. The plan was this: Award the contract, get the courts up and running by the end of this summer and take on other issues soon thereafter.

But disappointment was just around the corner. Indecision raised its ugly head once more, much like the ever-increasing cracks on the courts. With the two “old board” members back in their chairs, words like, “I really want the tennis courts but,” and, “what if in the future we want to put something else there,” started flowing like the water through the roof of the tennis building. You guessed it. They voted 4-1 to reverse their previous decision and once again neglect the courts. One reason (excuse?) for the delay was to apply for a GOCO grant they are unlikely to get.

Their real reason? I think all 5A voters can guess why.

Aggie Chastain


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