Vail Daily letter: Neighbors put out fire |

Vail Daily letter: Neighbors put out fire

I am writing a response to the “Wildfire in Wildridge” story (Sunday, May 19).

I would like to set the story straight: When the firefighters arrived, the Wildridge fire was already out.

Due to the quick response of the residents in the area using hoses, buckets of water and shovels, about 10 residents encircled and quickly contained the fire.

When the firefighters arrived, they only needed to put out hotspots. I do thank all those yellow shirts for being there in our time of need, but they were not the ones who got the fire under control.

They can be credited with putting the fire completely out, but if the residents had just watched the fire grow and did nothing, homes might have been lost by the time the fire department arrived.

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I am so thankful I live in a community like Wildridge with all the great neighbors who did not hesitate to get involved and fight this fire.

That’s the real story. I think the Eagle River Fire District battalion chief, Michael Warmuth, should give credit where credit is actually due.

Dave Petrowski


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