Vail Daily letter: Nejad Chaney for Vail council |

Vail Daily letter: Nejad Chaney for Vail council

The next few years will be pivotal for our community; we need leaders on the Vail Town Council who will meet challenges presented intelligently, diligently and wholeheartedly. For those of you who have yet to decide whom to vote for, we urge you to reach out to each candidate. Ask them what they will do and how the decisions they make might affect you and your community. When you talk with Sounia Nejad Chaney, you will hear her ask what is important to you; she will address your concerns with honesty and provide authentic responses, nothing vague or canned. And after the conversation, we believe you will join us in supporting Sounia Nejad Chaney to the Vail Town Council.

We are new to Vail, but in just a short time we’ve come to know Sounia very well, and been struck by the many characteristics that make her a needed addition to the Town Council. Here are just a few:

Sounia brings people together. Immediately upon our arrival to Vail a few months ago, Sounia made contact with us, welcomed us into the warm community she has helped create, and made sure we had everything we needed to comfortably transition. We came knowing no one here, yet already feel integrated and “at home” in Vail. This would not have happened so quickly or completely without Sounia.

Sounia is a thoughtful leader. We’ve already witnessed this at VSSA, where she was president of the PTA. We’ve been to parent meetings where Sounia stood up and introduced to the conversation real topics of substance. These were questions most parents would avoid for fear of “ruffling feathers,” yet they were essential questions to improving a school environment and allowing the success of our children. Sounia spoke clearly and succinctly, but with warmth and ease; her goal is to bring people together to accomplish important things, without shying away from unpopular topics.

Sounia is exceptionally organized, while bringing positivity to her surroundings. Enter Sounia’s house and it all makes sense how one could successfully manage a business, be a community leader, while raising four active, involved, vibrant kids! This is evident from where everyone keeps their belongings to Sounia’s daily to-do chart for each member of the house! And Sounia knows that positivity and connection are essential to any well-functioning group of people; this was clear from her check-off list of fun summer activities to accomplish, to the many toys that inhabit her home space (from guitars to balance boards to books)!

Again, we encourage you to reach out to Sounia Nejad Chaney and learn for yourself why you should join the Vail community in electing her to the Town Council.

Alison and Wolfgang Sauter

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