Vail Daily letter: New gun laws consfusing |

Vail Daily letter: New gun laws consfusing

On Aug. 6, Rohn Robbins wrote the first part of a two-part column about firearms laws. His column was inaccurate in its description and explanation of the gun laws newly enacted in Colorado this year, as well as of previously existing gun laws. When I wrote to him informing him of the errors in that article, offering to assist him in correcting those errors and volunteering to help him avoid making similar errors in his second column, he refused to retract his false statements. So far, the second part of Mr. Robbins’ two-part series has not appeared.

The fact that Mr. Robbins’ column was riddled with errors highlights one of the many problems with the laws he was writing about. How can ordinary citizens who live in Colorado or visit out state expect to understand these laws if even an attorney like Mr. Robbins cannot keep straight what these laws say?

It is also apparent that our very own state representative, Diane Mitsch-Bush, does not understand these laws — and she voted for them!

As the general manager of Alpine Arms in Eagle, our customers question me every day concerning these laws. I am not a lawyer and neither is anyone else on my sales staff. We try to avoid political discussions during business hours. At the same time, we believe we have an obligation to try to help our customers comply with the law, so my staff and I do our best to explain to our customers what we believe are the consequences of this legislation and how to work with and live within the boundaries of the current laws.

I have a question for The Vail Daily editor, his writers, and his readers. What have you done to educate yourselves about the laws our state Legislature passed this year? Do you really know the facts or are you relying on opinions and (mis-)interpretations from ill-informed persons who claim to be experts on the subject?

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Alpine Arms, along with Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, National Association for Gun Rights and John Sternberg, have signed and submitted a lawsuit against Gov. John Hickenlooper in regards to HB1224 and HB1229. This is a lawsuit separate from the highly publicized suit brought by a majority of the state’s county sheriffs against the new firearms laws. Our lawsuit is a state Constitution-based complaint challenging both the new person-to-person transfer requirements and the ban on so-called “high-capacity” magazines (more properly called standard capacity magazines).

Please take the time to educate yourself with the facts on this very important issue. Please make use of resources outside of opinion-based columns in the media. Visit If you find you agree with our lawsuit, contribute to the cause.

Stop by Alpine Arms. We want our store to be more than just a local gun shop. We consider ourselves part of a movement to protect the constitutional guarantees affirming the basic rights that belong to us all.

Matt Solomon


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