Vail Daily letter: Newbury for rec board |

Vail Daily letter: Newbury for rec board

By now those of us that live in Vail and its nearest environs have received ballots in the mail. It’s extremely important that you mail in your ballot for the water district election (and vote “yes” on both issues, it will save you money).

But wait, you are not done! The Vail Rec District Election is May 6, and it’s an in-person election. Budget the time to come by the poll, visit the volunteers and vote (voting on Election Day and catching up with neighbors and our election crew is one of the perks of living in a small town).

When you get to the poll you will be faced with some great choices. There are seven committed community members running for three seats. For my money, the best bet is Kim Newbury. If you’ve followed town affairs for the last 12 years the reasons are obvious, but in case you haven’t, here’s a quick summary:

• Kim has eight years of Town Council experience. During those years Kim was a big part of the effort to repair a badly broken town-rec district relationship.

• Kim has a proven track record of fiscal responsibility. Her votes are public record. She doesn’t throw money around (this is critical given the challenges the rec district faces).

• Kim is a team player. She has served with, and has the respect of, several sitting Town Council members. This attribute will prove extremely helpful as the town and the rec district wrestle with the thorny issues on our collective plate.

• Kim is the real deal — in addition to raising two great kids here in town she plays hard at the activities we all value. She is smart and a straight shooter. She’s also pretty darn funny (very valuable in long meetings).

• If you live in the unincorporated part of “town” you finally get to vote for Kim (the rec district’s boundaries are drawn more broadly than town’s), so Highland Meadows, Mann’s Ranch and West Intermountain get to the poll.

The rec district faces some real challenges the next few years. It needs a steady hand that won’t require a lot of on-the-job training to help guide it through the challenges. Kim provides the experience, integrity and proven ability we need. Vote on May 6 and vote for Kim.

Greg Moffet

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