Vail Daily letter: Newbury for rec board |

Vail Daily letter: Newbury for rec board

Vote for Kim Newbury in the Vail Recreation District election. She will bring a wealth of experience to the VRD board of directors and a passion for the VRD mission.

Kim’s years of service on the Vail Town Council will pay dividends on the VRD board as she understands the ins and outs of local government, has reviewed countess financial statements, and knows how to work with fellow board members to effectively lead an organization.

Kim will be a great proponent to further the improvements of the town-owned, VRD-operated facilities because she knows firsthand how much VRD events and facilities contribute to the town’s success. As a mother of two, she has been a great supporter and advocate of VRD programming and truly knows what a difference VRD makes to our sense of community.

Oh yeah, given the importance of golf to the VRD — she gets that, too. Kim will strengthen the VRD through thoughtful review of programming, budgets and community partnerships. That’s good for all of us who value the diversity of opportunities offered by the VRD.

On May 6, in the Vail Recreation District board of directors’ election, please cast your vote for Kim Newbury.

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Diane Johnson


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