Vail Daily letter: Nice job with roundabouts |

Vail Daily letter: Nice job with roundabouts

Kudos to the town of Eagle, their planning and engineering staff and the contractor that was selected who is currently constructing the Eagle roundabouts. While I do not travel the roundabouts every day at peak traffic hours, I do have to say that when I have traveled them the traffic flow is excellent. This in spite of what seems to be a bewildering maze of construction barricades, construction trucks and construction activities. If you just watch what you are doing and where you are directed, the traffic flow is smooth and efficient.

It is hard to believe that during what is a major traffic construction project the traffic seems to flow almost better than it did before the project was started. To me this means that when the project is completed the town of Eagle will have a first rate interchange that operates well, enhances the movement of traffic and is inviting to people as a place to exit I-70. This should promote increased accessibility and interest that will promote the commercial opportunities of Eagle.

Let’s “knock on wood” and hope that I haven’t just jinxed what is a smooth-running construction project that will be a long-term asset for the town of Eagle.

Tom Edwards


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