Vail Daily letter: No evidence that it works |

Vail Daily letter: No evidence that it works

I read your article on Boost (Page A2, Saturday’s Vail Daily) and am dismayed by what appears to be an ad versus a news story. The information that you mention about “there is no medical evidence that Boost works” is absolutely true. Although there may be some anecdotal stories of feeling better after a few minutes on such whiffing, but, indeed, there is no evidence that this non-medical formula does anything but take the consumers’ money.

The public would be better educated if you referred them to Wikipedia for some relatively easily understood info on altitude illness — prevention and treatment — none of which is five minutes of breathing on non-medical oxygen.

Altitude illness is a spectrum and runs from relatively benign symptoms to death and everything in between. It would behoove your readers to help educate them with real information and not “bogus” treatments.

L. W. Brooks. M.D.

Editor’s note: The letter writer is a retired emergency physician with 36 years of practice in Vail and Breckenridge.

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