Vail Daily letter: No illogical thinking

Dear Mr. Barnes (letter to the editor, April 1),

No illogical thinking. In no way did I indicate where the persons purchasing THC on Highway 6 would be using it.

I am in favor of legalized recreational marijuana and the local users evidently are responsible users who recognize public safety.

I was at the Oct. 2 meeting when five of the six volunteer land commissioners recommended that recreational marijuana be sold to 320,000 guests to the valley. Two Eagle County commissioners (one up for re-election) decided to allow six dispensaries in unincorporated Edwards (11 schools) and Eagle-Vail.

The Eagle County commissioners do not understand that THC causes impaired driving. Proof, check out on your computer the April 1 commissioner meeting. A group was in attendance on behalf of victims. Sara Fisher read a piece mentioning the victims of drunk drivers. No mention of stoned driving!

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The owner of the dispensary in Eagle says he can sell 2 pounds of marijuana a day. If each dispensary on Highway 6 sold 2 pounds of marijuana a day, would that contribute to public safety? Read the ad on the last page of Business Briefs, April 3 thru May 18. Statistics show 23,000 marijuana fatalities in six states. What about the other 44 states? They weren’t mentioned because they were not doing toxicology tests.

If you are in one of the 15 neighborhoods which uses neighborhood thoroughfare 6, think.

Barbara Allen

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