Vail Daily letter: No mention of King |

Vail Daily letter: No mention of King

I was surprised that Monday’s Vail Daily publication did not make any material mention of Dr. Martin Luther King and the national holiday. I hope it is not indicative of the priorities of the newspaper and our community.

Many of our local schools have taken the time to honor this day in ways beyond the long weekend. Standing up for the less privileged has been a topic in many classrooms, some schools have honored the day with community service, and others have studied Dr. King’s philosophy and life.

Dr. King and other civil rights leaders, while not major influencers of our community in the ’60s, have paved the way for many discussions that do relate to our way of life. His standing up to the status quo, his leadership in non-violent protests, and his ability to effect change in our government is extremely relevant to the discussions we have in our community. It can be said his legacy has influenced the manner that those with divergent voices can be heard in public and political forums on topics ranging from race, religion, environment, marriage, gun ownership, business practices, taxes, and more.

I hope in the future that the Vail Daily, as a voice in the community, will find ways to herald the relevance of his legacy.

Kevin Foote


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