Vail Daily letter: No need to fear |

Vail Daily letter: No need to fear

As a local resident of Vail, I have been bombarded with comments and concerns about the recreational use of cannabis. I am a frequent medicinal user and am in favor of Amendment 64. I understand your fear that if cannabis is legalized that your community will be brought down with the rest of the system. I want to voice for my generation (Gen Y) that we do not intend any ill harm by our habits. I will strive continuously to enhance the lives and environment of the valley (using cannabis or any other vice wouldn’t change that). Things may get a little strange at first as we work together to get everything ready for a new vacation guest, but we have hopes that tax profits and exclusivity will help the valley grow. As a front desk agent, I would like to see more guests using cannabis than the guest drinking alcohol and causing problems. If you work after 11 p.m., you know exactly what I’m talking about.

There is no need to fear about the upcoming year. I know that locals (and medicinal users) working with guests will be able to create a safe but “free” space so that everyone has a great time in Colorado. I believe that most of your fears will be put to ease once you see how willing users are to keep Colorado beautiful and serene. I agree the smell may be obnoxious, but so is cleaning up barf from an overly-drunk guest. See my point?

Kevin Cross


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