Vail Daily letter: ‘No’ on 1B |

Vail Daily letter: ‘No’ on 1B

Ballot Issue 1B is horribly deceptive! It starts by allowing “open space” funding for trails (which seems reasonable), but then adds a 15-year extension to the open space mill levy set to expire in 2025.

Nine more years of funding for trails should be more than sufficient, especially with matching money from the state lottery fund ($4.5 million just received). Why didn’t the commissioners just stop there?

There is no reason to extend the open space mill levy another 15 years. Most of the obvious acquisitions have been made. Restricting more developable land makes affordable housing that much more expensive. What irony!

The commissioners erred by combining these two issues into one ballot question. Vote “no” on 1B.

Dave Mott

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