Vail Daily letter: ‘No’ on 5A |

Vail Daily letter: ‘No’ on 5A

Just imagine, your community has a golf clubhouse, only 42 years old, situated right next to the first tee, with a magnificent view — best in the valley — and a group of people decided that they wanted to move this clubhouse down to the valley floor, away from this perfect spot, away from the first tee and put it right next to I-70. “What?” You’d say, “That can’t be possible!”

Yep! That’s exactly what a group of people (Metro District Board) want to do. Even more stunning, they’ve almost convinced residents of Eagle-Vail to elect to put themselves into years of unbelievable debt; and for all this debt, they will have a sparkly, new golf clubhouse (that will probably need to be subsidized to survive), a long way away from the first tee, with absolutely no view and, the best part, right next to I-70! What a deal!

The fun doesn’t stop there — it gets even more ridiculous. There are only 1,443 homeowners in Eagle-Vail, so, you guessed it, only those lucky 1,443 homeowners get to pay for this $23 million debt obligation, through an increase in property taxes, up to possibly 74 percent. Wow! Voters don’t even get to decide how that money is really going to be used. They’ve only been told that things may include blah, blah, blah. Thirty years is a long time and that’s how long it will take to pay this huge debt obligation off, and that’s how long Eagle-Vail will be impacted by it. Imagine if EagleVail really needs something, and we can’t do it, because of this foolishness?

Please vote “no” on 5A.

Sara Davis

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