Vail Daily letter: ‘No’ on Amendment 66 |

Vail Daily letter: ‘No’ on Amendment 66

Let me get this Amendment 66 straight. Sen. Mike Johnston stated in the Vail Daily on Oct. 7 that if 66 passes, “Colorado’s charter schools could take a (financial) hit, since their population tends to be more Anglo and affluent.”

The new criteria, if 66 passes, is that ESL, at-risk kids will get 40 percent more money than English speaking kids. See more at

So, according to Mike, who helped write this Amendment 66, he wants me, a tax-paying Anglo, to pay more in taxes so ESL kids get a better education than mine. That is one way, Mike, to close the achievement gap. Dumb down my kids because you can’t bring up the ESL kids scores.

“Board members of the Douglas County School District voted unanimously to oppose the measure. They argue that residents in Douglas County will be paying an additional $90 million to $100 million in taxes, but the district will get only $50 million in extra funding.”

Steamboat Springs School Board also voted to not endorse 66.

It is not that I think that our schools do not need more money, but the redistribution of money that 66 proposes is not fair. ESL kids getting 40 percent more money than Anglos is not fair.

“A low-income ESL child would be allocated 40 percent more than a middle-class native speaker in that same district,” claims the Independence Institute.

So how is that a fair return on my tax dollar, for my native speaking child? My child is being monetarily and educationally discriminated against because they speak English. I already support these ESL kids with free day care, free medical, free dental, free food stamps, etc. But I guess they want more. Maybe if all people that took out of our tax system paid in, America would be better off.

Democrats who support this 66 are hypocrites.

“The future of our country is based on the education of our children,” stated Pat Hammon, chair of the Eagle County Democratic Party, in the Vail Daily Oct. 7.

It seems that the education and future of my Anglo child is not as important as an ESL kid, to Democrats.

Maybe, if Amendment 66 gave equally to all legal taxpayers’ children, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, etc., then I would vote for it.

But the way 66 is written now, it is plain and simple discrimination against Anglo children whose parents are being asked to pay more in taxes in order to give an ESL child 40 percent more money than their English-speaking child.

For more, go to

Vote “no” on Amendment 66.

Frank Lorenti


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