Vail Daily letter: ‘No’ on Edwards sales tax |

Vail Daily letter: ‘No’ on Edwards sales tax

The Edwards Metro District is asking for a 1 percent sales tax increase to improve traffic conditions in Edwards. The argument is that shoppers should pay for these improvements, because they cause the congestion. But the improvements mentioned in the supporting documents seem short-term in nature, while the tax lasts until 2040. Riverwalk businesses already charge an additional “fee” of 0.5 percent, which many fraudulently report as “tax” on your receipt. Who should pay for these improvements? Since much of the congestion is caused by new housing, why not have builders of new homes pay a “congestion fee?” We already pay tap fees when we build new houses to acknowledge the cost of water infrastructure. And won’t those businesses in Edwards benefit the most from these improvements? They’ll do more business, and with fixed costs covered, it will go right to the bottom line. Finally, many Edwards residents, such as those in Singletree, aren’t even eligible to vote on this tax increase. So a small group of voters has the power to raise taxes for a much larger group. If they do, I will be shopping there a lot less.

Chris Hynes


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