Vail Daily letter: ‘No’ to cell phones on flights |

Vail Daily letter: ‘No’ to cell phones on flights

Recently, there has been a new rule considered that would allow people to talk on their cell phones in flight. Originally, the rule stated that people only had specific times that they could use their cell phones, and, for those specific times, they weren’t allowed to talk to people or use cellular data. This original rule was adopted because, in case of an emergency, people should not be distracted while in an airplane. The Federal Communications Commission is considering this new rule that allows people to talk on the airplane once above 10,000 feet. On Nov. 21, the FCC considered changing this rule because the rules are outdated.

There are many reasons why people think this is a good idea. People believe that they are able to state where they are and if they are going to be late, but I have many reasons why this is a bad idea. Recently, I was on a flight that was very loud and annoying. The woman next to me had a small child who kept crying, the man in front of me was having a very loud conversation with his friend, and the flight attendants did not have drinks. Imagine all of this and the addition of cell phone use. When people are allowed to speak on the phone during flight, there will always be that really annoying person who talks the entire flight. Chances are that on-flight wifi is not the best when you are trying to get through to another line. This will just cause frustration. If there is a red-eye flight, passengers will try to sleep. If someone is on the phone during this flight, chances are that the other passengers will not be able to sleep and people will be very tired and angry.

This is all a bad idea, and no one will benefit from this new rule. We need to keep our rules the way they are. Even if some people disagree with these rules, they need to learn how to live with them. Changing the regulations will cause more harm then good, and in the long run I believe that we all will benefit from not changing the rule, and just waiting to use your phone after or before the flight is in the air.

Riley Kilgore

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