Vail Daily letter: ‘No’ to river park |

Vail Daily letter: ‘No’ to river park

Yes, at first glance the river park at the fairground truck stop could be a nice addition. However, the truth and whole truth has not been adequately told regarding this aggressive development plan. More than three miles of mostly private property reaching west from the Eagle River Station site to just beyond the fairgrounds is somehow planned for both commercial and residential development.

Multi-family housing (two story) is planned along U.S. Highway 6 where many longtime Eagle residents have owned or rented for years. I have yet to hear the town justify how they can make these far-reaching plans over private property.

Eminent domain? I’d like to think not, but they condemned land at Eagle River Station as an urban blight not so long ago to move that project forward … or at least to the current standstill. This is a terrible overreach of town actions and is being sold to the public as a nice amenity, when in fact it is restructuring the town of Eagle and our riverfront; and almost no one is aware of the entire plan with its development components. Vote “no” and tell the town to clarify their entire plan instead of “feel good” open houses showing just a portion of the entire plan as a nice place to play in the river. And no consideration to added traffic.

Rosie Shearwood

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