Vail Daily letter: Not a bad person |

Vail Daily letter: Not a bad person

I am devastated at the news regarding the accident involving Hugo Castillo and the death of Cuhatlique. It was a very poor decision that took an innocent life which was completely preventable.

I would like to ask that if there is future publications regarding this tragedy that you also talk about Hugo’s accomplishments and ties within his community. First of all, this is his home, he was brought here when he was 2 months old and has lived with his loving family ever since. Hugo also graduated from Battle Mountain High School and was given multiple awards for his character and accomplishments. He has given back to this community in multiple ways — through SOS, Eagle River Youth Coalition and Youth Leaders Council. While a student at BMHS, he was in STUCCO, LINKCrew, Hispanic Mentors, as well as on the varsity soccer team. He has worked with The Youth Foundation for over six years serving as a mentor, coach and role model to younger children.

I have been fortunate to know Hugo since he was 14 and while this is an incredible loss and tragedy, he really is a good person. His family has done right while living in this country and they are all grieving the loss in this situation and have been praying right next to Cuhatlique’s family. Hugo is not a bad person. He made a terrible mistake, and will live with that the rest of his life.

Mike Santambrogio

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