Vail Daily letter: Not a democracy |

Vail Daily letter: Not a democracy

I respectfully disagree with our local public school superintendent’s description of our country. In a recent column, he erroneously called it “our democracy.”

This is part of the problem with public school education. When our own superintendent can’t properly identify our form of government as a “constitutional republic,” how do we expect our children to learn what we are supposed to be?

The United States is not a democracy, period! If it was, we could vote that a black woman, Rosa Parks, must sit in the back of the bus. Thank God, our constitutional republic’s 14th Amendment did not and does not allow for that.

I cringe every time a politician or elected official erroneously says “our democracy!”

But, when school superintendents and even the president of the United States perpetuates this nonsense, as a country, we are in serious trouble.

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God help our kids who get a public school education these days.

Michael Cacioppo

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