Vail Daily letter: Not a fan |

Vail Daily letter: Not a fan

Vail is a community whose success depends upon peoples from all walks of life from all over the globe enjoying their experience here. That means we must be open to hearing and tolerating views that may be different from our own. Why the Vail Daily prints the hateful rants of Van Ens is beyond me. The hypocrisy of using Christian storytelling to disparage Republican thinking is lamentable. While it would be simpler and cleaner to simply declare in one last story that Republicans are destined for hell unless they change their evil ways, his need to lecture would not be satisfied. It would be much better for the community to keep this patronizing condescending crap out of the newspaper or at least highlight it as an example for our visitors of one of the most egregious examples of the type of stilted partisanship that has our country tied in knots.

Geoff Smith

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