Vail Daily letter: Not a good deal for Avon |

Vail Daily letter: Not a good deal for Avon

There is no proven reason to remove a tax-paying parcel of property to add to the services of Avon. The quality of life will improve only by protecting the tax rate and allowing businesses to grow and prosper in Avon and the surrounding area. A building that has no dedicated parking has a value that is on the low scale of appraisals. Do not be fooled into thinking this is a good deal for the city. A good deal would be a gift from the owners and a great tax write-off if they can prove its value of $4 million. If the owners believe it has that much value, they need to enjoy the benefits of that investment and pay the nice property taxes that go with that ownership.

As a part-time resident of Beaver Creek, I applaud the efforts to improve the community. Use those tax dollars from the current building for sale and the growth of business in the town to serve the parks and common areas. Pay particular attention to the life safety personnel in salary, benefits and top equipment. Those will ensure the stability and growth that will serve all of us so well.

Sometimes it is a good time to fold your cards and walk away from the table. This is one of those times.

John Rochford

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