Vail Daily letter: Not a surprise |

Vail Daily letter: Not a surprise

Veterans Administration health care system has been a problem for as long as I have practiced medicine — 40-plus years. Nothing new about all of the problems that have recently been uncovered, the system is a bureaucratic nightmare where some people get care and not always good care. A non-competitive system with a mandated population that should be getting a better deal for the service they gave our country.

The initial concept for veterans’ care was a good one but now the system could be done better in conjunction/integration with the “regular” medical system and could be done cheaper with better outcomes for all concerned.

If our senators and representatives had to use the VA system of health care, we would not be facing these problems — it would be gone.

For those who think the government can run healthcare, try the VA system and see if you want to get your health care there.

Larry Brooks, MD

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