Vail Daily letter: Not a win |

Vail Daily letter: Not a win

In response to the article regarding the Forest Service OK-ing a motorized trail from Basalt to Gypsum: I feel this article paints this as a “win” for the motorized community, however, my understanding is that all of these trails have historically been open and ridden by motorized users until the 2011 Travel Management Plan was issued. The Forest Service is now legitimizing one of those trails (8.2 miles) and presenting this as a “favor” or “win” for the motorized community. Meanwhile, they are closing 27.4 miles of trails. This is a huge loss to an extremely under-served user group.

In addition, this project is being funded by grant money generated from the sale of annual OHV tags. They are using the motorized users money to close motorized trails.

Joe O’Malley


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