Vail Daily letter: Not another vote |

Vail Daily letter: Not another vote

Thank goodness for TABOR! I never imagined that I would ever think that, but as a homeowner in Eagle-Vail, I now understand why TABOR was enacted. It was needed to protect people from unscrupulous boards. A resounding and deafening defeat of 5A occurred, once the residents of Eagle-Vail were given all the facts, and we finally understood the implications of the debt we were about to be encumbered with.

One might think that this board would take this defeat as a clear message that Eagle-Vail taxpayers do not want to spend unnecessary money on pipe dreams, boondoggles, or ridiculous development and the destruction of open space, in order to promote their personal agendas. But that’s not what this board, led by Louise Funk, learned from the election. Because of this defeat and because they had planned it, so meticulously, down to when to get it on the ballot (hence their repeated sense of urgency) so most people would not bother to vote, it has only made them more resolved. Humiliation and being smacked down do interesting things to people.

Make no mistake, several on the board have an agenda; and after being defeated, they are even more determined. Their coveted ULI report spells out their ultimate goals. This report written after “experts” (all in the development industry) from urban communities looked at Eagle-Vail, a mountain community, for five days and wrote this report.

To fulfill the next step recommended by this report, a community center must be built to serve as their “synergistic” hub so that high-density development can follow on the play fields and the par 3. The board is gearing up to do it all over again. They claim that there is deferred maintenance for a variety of different things — we know that and have watched it happening. They plan to package this community center, again, with all the deferred maintenance projects so that voters will buy it this time.

It becomes more concerning that this board, responsible for Eagle-Vail and its recreational assets, was so determined to get this community center built that they spent hundreds of thousands of our dollars, without seeking or being granted homeowners’ permission, on architectural plans and renditions, planners, etc., to the detriment of our community assets. And they plan on doing it all over again. This time Eagle-Vail homeowners must demand that they do not spend a dime of our money on their “pet” project without our permission — none on architectural designs and renditions, none on planners, none on facilitators/mediators, none on signage, and absolutely none on another useless and divisive election. This board was stopped this time. And now we must stop this board — which acts as if they have divine right — again.

Sara Davis

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