Vail Daily letter: Not buying it |

Vail Daily letter: Not buying it

Randy Wyrick’s article in the Oct. 23 Vail Daily, “Who’s paying and what does it buy?” tried to contradict my letter, “No on Amendment 66,” Oct. 21.

One mistruth that Randy stated was that Amendment 66 is for K-12. Fact: 66 is for preschool-12. About 25,500 ESL, English as a second language, at-risk kids get free preschool. Not one penny for middle-class preschool Anglos.

Might be nice if the supporters of 66 would tell the truth. See more at

Also in Randy’s article, Dan Dougherty, our school district’s communication director, said, “Even without the additional funding, we’re meeting the needs of at-risk and English language learners students anyway.” So, Dan, why do you want me to pay higher taxes if you are already meeting the needs of ESL kids? Amazing — every time supporters of 66 open their mouths, they make blunders.

Dan is meeting the ESL kids’ needs but he did not mention meeting the needs of Anglo kids. I wonder if Dan understands that blunder.

So, Dan, let’s change Amendment 66 and make all the money go towards taxpaying American kids that speak English, because you aren’t meeting the needs of Anglo kids. And, if after reading this letter, you then claim you are meeting the needs of Anglo kids. Then why do you want more money from me? Administration costs or maybe to fund your failing retirement fund, PERA?

Eagle County Schools had a surplus this year. “The superintendent has already directed part of this surplus to be provided to teachers and staff through increasing their annual performance bonus,” Aug. 14, school board meeting. And silly me, I thought schools were complaining about huge class sizes and needing more teachers — but I guess this is not an issue.

So I am inclined to believe that maybe Dan is right — schools are meeting the needs of all kids.

“Colorado has seen improvement the past few years in test scores, the rate of graduation and enrollment in college,” according to the Colorado Department of Education. Seems that with a surplus of money, test scores on the rise, graduation rates increasing, and college enrollment up, Colorado is doing just fine.

So I ask again, why the huge tax increase? Administration costs or maybe to fund the failing retirement fund, PERA?

I will end by answering Randy’s question, “Who’s paying and what does it buy?” Honest, legal, hard working, tax paying Coloradoans will be “paying“. There is absolutely no guarantee that 66 will “buy” a better education for our legal American kids.

Vote “no” on Amendment 66.

Frank Lorenti


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