Vail Daily letter: Not fit for presidency |

Vail Daily letter: Not fit for presidency

The letter printed on Aug. 12 (“Liar-in-chief”) is a pathetic commentary on politics and personal integrity, as well as misrepresentation of history. The author asserts that FDR lied about preparing troops for war, and JFK misled about a Cuba invasion, ignores the fact that broadcasting strategy to enemies will increase risk to our military. Bush/Cheney/Congress and the world had reason to believe Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Hussein failed to live up to the treaty that mandated free and open weapons inspection. He pretended to have these weapons in order to bolster his credibility in the Middle East. The author ignores our concern when ISIS captured a chemical weapons factory in Iraq. Lincoln did not lie about his position on slavery. Lincoln opposed slavery, but gave preservation of the United States greater priority than elimination of slavery. Lincoln was pragmatic in approach and was victorious on both issues.

Hillary Clinton has not lied to benefit our national defense, preservation of the Union, or any other noble goal. Hillary has lied to mask her incompetence. Hillary has lied to win votes. Hillary has lied for self-promotion. Hillary has lied to obscure her contempt for the rule of law. Hillary did not cause the tragedy in Benghazi that resulted in four American deaths, but she lied to a nation and to grieving families about the cause of these deaths. She declared, “What difference does it make?” instead of ordering a root cause analysis to prevent such future catastrophes. For such actions, “When Clinton lies, somebody may die.”

My contempt for Hillary’s lies transcends the issue of a personal relationship. It is about the rule of law and the relationship between government and the governed. Our Constitution constructed three equal branches of government. Hillary lied to Congress, without consequence. The FBI enumerated her contempt for protocol and incompetence with matters of national security. She violated law, again without consequence.

Donald Trump may be boorish, but according to the author these traits are inconsequential as we are electing a president, and not an “intimate partner.”

The documented Clinton lies do disqualify her from the presidency. She has declared her disrespect of the other two branches of government. She has revealed her incompetence in matters of national security.

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Kurt Erickson


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