Vail Daily letter: Not giving up my rights |

Vail Daily letter: Not giving up my rights

Last week’s gun-control discussion with Diane Mitsch Bush and Chuck McConnell missed the point. Bush’s information about the number of guns not sold to criminals is very important. McConnell’s point that criminals will always get their weapons is also valid. The bigger picture is that as we give up our constitutional rights the government just becomes more powerful and no longer works for us. I do not want to give up any of my rights to a corrupt government that:

• Lies: “I did not have sex with that woman” – Bill Clinton (1998), “You can keep your doctor” – Barack Obama (2009).

• Cheats: John Edwards (North Carolina, 2012), Charlie Rangel (House Ways and Means Committee, $500,000, 2013).

• Steals: Brian Thompson (HUD secretary, $843,000, October); Sens. Efrain Gonzalez (New York, 2010), Shirley Huntley, LaAnna Washington, (Pennsylvania, $100,000, March).

• Bribes: W. Carlton Weddington (Ohio, 2012), Randy Terrill (Oklahoma, 2013), Terry Spicer (Alabama, 2011).

• Wants Americans to give up their own gun protection but sells guns to Mexican cartels: Eric Holder (U.S. attorney general, Fast and Furious. 2011).

• Contempt for U.S. citizens: “What difference does it make?” — Hillary Clinton (2013)

• Gives away U.S. federal lands to foreign governments: UNESCO World Heritage Foundation.

The list is endless on both sides. Until the people of the government can be trusted, they can forget about me willingly giving up any of my rights to them.

Chas Bernhardt


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