Vail Daily letter: Not hard to understand |

Vail Daily letter: Not hard to understand

I was speaking with an acquaintance the other day who says she isn’t registered to vote because she just doesn’t understand politics. When I mentioned Kathy Chandler-Henry as one of those running for office, she said that she knew Kathy and would vote for her in a heartbeat. I’m sort of glad she doesn’t vote because voting just for those you like, with no sense of what they stand for, doesn’t help much. This person got me wondering how many people just never bother to register and, even more, how many people are sitting with their ballots on their desks and just haven’t gotten around to mailing them or dropping them off at a polling place. I think of all those around the world who have died trying to get a political system where their votes count. All that said, I have voted for Kathy Chandler-Henry, not because she is a nice person, which she is, but because she has been a thoughtful, intelligent, county commissioner who has represented me the way I want to be represented. I don’t think politics are too hard to understand.

Katherine Delanoy


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